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On transferring public money to investors…

This letter from Jay Rehak, CPS National Board Certified Teacher and elected President of the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund was not published by the Trib or the Sun-Times… It was published by Substance News where you can read the whole … Continue reading

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What is the real role for teachers in improving public education for all students?

I read a couple of posts recently which really highlight the critical role teachers have in improving public education for the students and communities that need it most. I have some experience with this – being a teacher in the … Continue reading

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It’s the Poverty Stupid – Why we can’t ignore poverty while trying to improve education… especially for those in poverty.

First published in The Urban Times University of Texas physics professor Michael Marder has made a most eloquent case for changing the debate about education reform in the US with a series of images. He has, sometimes literally, connected the dots between socioeconomic factors and … Continue reading

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